Past Commercial Collection Results from the Law Office of Timothy Krantz

Client had obtained judgment for $175,000 with a prior attorney who did nothing to collect the judgment for six years. After client contacted my office, we filed a motion for an order to garnish the wages of the debtor’s spouse who was a doctor. Settlement negotiations began quickly from the Debtor and soon my client was paid $290,000.

– LA Sup. Ct., YC065546

Client had an old judgment of about $170,000 and couldn’t collect on it. Debtor had transferred assets to various individuals and entities to avoid collection of the judgment. My office filed a fraudulent conveyance action against those entities and one of those entities filed bankruptcy. Through much perseverance by my office, the client ended up collecting $290,000 on his judgment.

– San Fran Sup. Ct – CGC-11-5156808; OC Sup. Ct., 30-2020-01151949

Client had AZ judgment for $275,000 and needed to pursue debtor in CA. My office domesticated the judgment in CA and had the sheriff levy on debtor’s real property (residence). Debtor settled immediately contacted my office and paid full amount of judgment plus costs/interest.

– OC Sup. Ct., 30-3018-01020778

Client obtained judgment against his employer for $249,000 and contacted my office to enforce. Debtor was very evasive. My office installed a sheriff’s keeper in debtor’s business with instructions to also open debtor’s safe. Debtor did not want the safe opened and paid my client the full amount of judgment plus interest/costs/attorney fees on the spot.

– LA Sup. Ct., NS030965

Client had Idaho judgment for $185,000. My office had the Judgment domesticated in CA and then had the sheriff levy on a piece of real property owned by the debtor. Debtor quickly settled paying my client $191,000.

– LA Sup. Ct., 21LBCP00030

My client was owed $175,000 for diamonds sold to defendant. Defendant filed a cross-complaint claiming fraud, fake diamonds, etc. My office obtained a prejudgment writ of attachment and had the sheriff go into the debtor’s jewelry store to remove all inventory. Debtor immediately settled by dropping its cross-complaint and paying my client the majority of money he was owed.

– LA Sup. Ct., 18STCV05018

My client obtained a judgment against ex-spouse for $107,000. Ex-spouse’s brother conspired to stop my client from collection on judgment (put fraudulent deed of trust on ex-spouse’s home). My office sued the brother and got him to agree to remove the deed of trust. Ex-spouse then filed BK but my office protected the judgment through bankruptcy. My office then had the sheriff levy on the ex spouse’s home. Property was auctioned at Sheriff’s sale and we did a credit bid so wife became the owner of the home. She listed the home and sold it and obtained $175,000 on her judgment. Attorney for spouse’s ex-husband then asserted lien on the property for his attorney’s fees. My office sued the attorney and prevailed against him. Entire process took over four years but client recovered full judgment amount plus costs/interest.

– OC Sup. Ct., 01D007391

My client sued for $110,000 owed to him for sale of diamonds. Defendant filed cross-complaint claiming defective goods and trade defamation. Arbitration held. Judgment for Plaintiff for $175,000. I levied on Defendant’s bank account within weeks of the final judgment and obtained the entire amount of the judgment.

– LA Sup. Ct., BC363612

Client, an attorney, obtained a judgment for monies owed from Debtor (approximately $88,000) for his legal fees but he couldn’t collect on it on his own. He retained my office to collect on judgment. My office had the Sheriff levy on debtor’s home in order to sell the home. Debtor’s home went to sale by the Sheriff and my client collected $131,000 on his judgment from the sale of the property which included principal, costs and interest.

– LA Sup Ct., BC570965

My client obtained a family law judgment ($86,000) but her ex-husband stopped paying. Judgment was about to expire. My office renewed the judgment, recorded an Abstract of Judgment and started a wage garnishment. Then the debtor died. My office pursued the estate and got them to pay $126,000 (full amount of judgment plus costs/interest).

– Riverside Sup. Ct., RFLRS 050645

Client obtained judgment for $184,000 against husband who claimed he had no income. Wife was an attorney. Fraudulent Conveyance action was filed against wife. Husband filed bankruptcy. My office pursued the matter through bankruptcy. My client eventually was paid a six figure recovery.

– LA Sup. Ct., NC060142 and NC060934

Client lent his life savings of $90,000 to a friend for her business and she refused to pay him back. Suit was filed and debtor had a change of mind and agreed to pay my client the full $90,000.

– OC Sup. Ct., 30-2017-00901711

My office domesticated a WA judgment for $64,000 against debtor husband and then obtained a court order to garnish wages of wife (under community property liability). Debtor husband settled right away and paid full amount of judgment plus costs/interest.

– OC Sup. Ct., 30-2018-00992042

Plaintiff corporation sued my three clients for $775,000 for conversion of diamonds, usurious loans, etc. Shortly before trial, we discovered that the Plaintiff corporation suing my client had let it’s name lapse with the CA Secretary of State. I had my client purchase the Plaintiff corporation’s name so that Plaintiff no longer had standing to sue my client. Matter went to arbitration and settled for nuisance value of $25,000.

– LA Sup. Ct., BC 385391

Client obtained judgment after neighbor’s dog viciously attacked him. My office had sheriff levy on debtor’s home. Debtor tried to avoid judgment by way of a phony divorce and transfer of the real property. End results were that the client got paid on his judgment and, as part of the settlement, my office was able to get the debtor to move out of his house (which was next to my client). Client was extremely satisfied.

– Riverside Sup. Ct., RIC 1305855

Law firm obtains judgment for about $56,000 for its client but can’t collect on it. They associate my office into the case. Debtor is evasive but after hounding her for a while with bank levies, debtor exams, wage garnishments, etc. she relents and pays my client $66k.

– San Diego Sup. Ct., 37-2019-000321153

Client obtained state court judgment. Debtor filed bankruptcy claiming he had no assets and trying to discharge entire debt. My office located assets and filed a proof of claim. Debtor challenged proof of claim but my office prevailed in the Bankruptcy court. Debtor appealed. Bankruptcy appellate court ruled in my client’s favor and client was allowed to collect on his proof of claim.

– OC Sup. Ct., 30-3009-00318752